Dear fellow citizens: Here is my pledge to you voters, my ten commandments:

1. Medical Insurance Medical insurance will be provided for every adult for minimal fee, children and disabled for free. With free choices of medical providers. Prophylactic medicine would be emphasized. $250,000.00 cap on medical
malpractice insurance non-economical compensation, identical to the State of California. Affordable medicine and
prescription drugs. The cost of the insurance and medicine will be paid through medical saving account.

2. War on Terror Homeland security comes first. Everybody will carry State ID and will be registered with the
bureau of census. Everybody will be counted and accounted for, with no encroachment on his/her freedom. Terrorists will
have no place among us. They will be labeled and extradited like what was done by England in extradition of criminals
to Australia. Civilization, progress and prosperity will not be jeopardized. Crime will be prevented before it occurs.
Suspects will be labeled and extradited after surrendering their State ID. No more expensive jails or safe haven for
criminals at the taxpayers expense.

3. Justice System Reform Justice for all is not realty now It is unaffordable except for the wealthy. The judicial system will be improved with full accountability, no judicial immunity, no contempt of court. Judicial immunity is not in the
Constitution. Also the framers of the constitution were aware of common law and they eliminated judicial immunity
deliberately. The people will have the ultimate decision in all judicial affairs.

4. IRS Reform and Tax Reduction Flat tax rate for income taxes, comparable to the State of Florida, in a similar fashion, where a flat rate of 10% will be saved for four (4) years with consequent 2.5% deduction starting the 5th year until
it becomes zero on the eighth year then the savings will become available. Services will be paid for by creative income
by each state as well as the Federal government. Under oath I pledge to work on canceling all kinds of taxes over a period
of eight (8) years. The first four (4) years of which, the property taxes will be deposited into a saving account.
The interests of these savings will pay for State services. Starting from the fifth year, the 25% actual deduction
per year until it becomes zero (0) at the end of the eighth year when the savings will be released citizens will no
longer be burned with tax loads. Meanwhile, people will learn to save. Savings are the backbone of the society.
This looks good. I believe it can be done and we will be setting a precedent for all other states to follow,
where the governing body is taking care of his family members of U.S. citizens instead of taxing them. Politicians always
give you the lips' service, empty/fraudulent promises without any accountability. Swearing under oath, every
elected official either will do it or end up in jail for perjury.

5. Social Security Reform The Federal government will guarantee that every penny paid into the system will accumulate into investment pension fund. Private sector will have full control over their pension fund investment. The wealth base
will increase saving, expenses of taxation with progressive increase in income to the point of wealthy retirement,
where the need for social security will be a minimum; which should be gradually abolished.

6. Education Overhaul Current education up to college sucks. Studentsí IQ will be tested early at kindergarten
level. Tenanted students will be selected in a special schools, paid completely by the government and run by special
council, like Military Academies. This will create our own national top notch Scientists, Artists and Military
commanders to create the best technology, art and military strategy in the world. Then the U.S. mighty power will be
a deterrent giant against thick-minded violent and destructive enemies of humanity. This will guarantee our national
security, safety and stabilize peace in the world.

7. Immigration Selective Citizens to be, immigration will be restricted to the educated (no less than bachelor
degree, the wealthy (minimum million dollars cash worth). One must be healthy and fluent in the English language.
Amnesty for all illegal immigrants if each has a minimum of five (5) years in the United States.

8. Advanced State of Art Transportation Safe airports, ultrasonic plains, bullet trains and economic energy empowered cars. Car-insurance will be available by every state on a fixed rate and a phone-call away as well as by private companies regulated by the State for the publicís benefit.

9. Government BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE The Federal government should be productive. Everyone must work and produce more than what he/she usually spend for surplus savings to cover for his retirement for medical insurance and additional savings to build wealth. Both U.S and State government through, autonomous agencies, will compete with free enterprises and the Surplus monies, if any, will be used to better the people and society. Productive body, there will be no body left behind the task force. The State will create jobs for everybody, no welfare but work-fair. Unemployment will be
zero, so is crime.

10. Wealthy Americans We the people are going to do it and become the first exemplary nation. Our beloved country with your representative Dr. Zaklama, Your strong voice in the congress Empower the people. In God we Trust.