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Itís Halloween,

Watch Out for Those Trick or Treaters

Itís Halloween, So Watch Out for Those Trick or Treaters Motorists throughout North Jersey will play important role in child safety when the young tricks or treaters parade around their neighborhood in Halloween ...

According to American Automobile Association, North Jersey, Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year for children. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous time because of the increased number of children on the street during dusk or evening hours.

Behind the masks and costumes this Halloween, will be a young child who may be more interested in running to the next traffic. Parents must be alert and watch their children who may run into the street not watching for the vehicles. Also, Parents should talk to their children about safety as they help them get ready for Halloween.

Among the rules parents should discuss with children are making sure they stay in familiar neighborhoods and along well-lighted, safe routes. It is highly recommended to urges children to trick or treat during daylight hours, wherever possible. Halloween can be a fun time for everyone, children and adult alike if it was will supervised.